Rapoo V52 Backlit Gaming Keyboard


Rapoo V52 Backlit Gaming Keyboard

In the game mode, the full keyboard any word key can be customized programming (including single keys, key combinations and macros), simplifying the game operation, so that you can always be faster. The 18 buttons in the game area have no conflict design, and support up to 6 buttons at the same time to input, eliminate the misoperation in the game and accurately execute each of your commands. Built-in Flash memory, game mode can save keyboard configuration files, you can work on any computer in the way you want without any software. Customizable brightness LED backlights make your combat weapon even more cool. There is a special drain hole at the bottom of the keyboard. Unexpected drinks or tea stains will not affect your operation or interrupt your game, leaving you with no worries.

2 Years Warranty

৳ 1,500.00